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“Indian geo-politics cannot not be jeopardized” – Field Marshal Fonseka

(UDHAYAM, NEW DELHI) – Allying all fears regarding Indian security concerns in Sri Lanka and the Indian Ocean, Sri Lankan military leader-turned-politician Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka on Tuesday (17) sent a strong message that Indian security and geopolitics cannot be jeopardized, endorsing India as a regional power and potential super power.

“When it comes to the security issues, obviously India is the regional power in this Area. Indian security concerns and sentiments cannot be jeopardised. Sri Lanka has really understood that. So when Sri Lanka deals with other countries you have ensure that you don’t put India into embarrassing situation,” he told ANI.

Fonseka, who played an instrumental role in bringing down the LTTE, promoted India’s role in the geo-politics around Indian Ocean and asserted that other powerful countries must realize that India is very concerned about its security.

“India is any way a regional power and potential super power. So rest of the powerful countries in the world, when they want to move around in this area, must understand that India is very concerned about its security,” he added.

Fonseka criticised the way Hambantota project has been handled and dubbed that concerned projects have not been beneficial to the country because of the rampant corruption and called it as a national crisis.

“Hambantota is a peculiar situation. Our country has become indebted to China very badly over those projects. Those projects have not been beneficial to the country because there have been lot of corruption.

People dealing with China from our side were not doing a very sincere job. Lot of money have been played out. As it is it became a national crisis for us,” he said.

Highlighting the diplomatic relations with other countries, Fonseka said, “Our intention is to remain friends with everybody. We are a small country we had historical relationship with most of the countries. Large countries must understand our situation. Things will be all right as it goes on.”

Being optimistic on the future course of relationship between India and Sri Lanka, Fonseka added that political understanding is there between the two nations, national interests are being respected by both countries.

“We have realised that at (in) no way we can disturb the geopolitical interest. I don’t see any that there be any problem in future between these two countries,” he added.

Fonseka arrive in India on Tuesday for a two-day visit to brainstorm on global issues in the second Raisina Dialogue which is underway in New Delhi.

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