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1,000 dengue patients identified in 2017

(UDHAYAM, COLOMBO) – The National Dengue Control Unit (NDCU) states during the first 10 days of the year 2017, 1,000 dengue related cases have been reported.

Issuing a statement the Ministry of Health said it had inspected 2,298,000 premises during dengue prevention programs carried out island-wide in 2016.

The statement added that of the examined places, 40,287 was dengue breeding hotspots, while 452,934 areas were prone for dengue breeding.

The Ministry of Health has accordingly advised 315,252 individuals to clear the area, issued notices to 97,592 individuals and filed cases against 12,940 individuals.

The Ministry of Health said during dengue prevention programs, 2,153,218 houses, 9,301 schools, 13,902 state offices, 62,777 private institutions and 6,442 factories were subjected to examination.

The Ministry said of the schools subjected to examinations 667 were potential dengue breeding grounds adding that cases were filed against 81 school administrations.

Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine Rajitha Senarathne has also directed the unit to continue the programs in 2017.

Minister Senarathne also urged schools to promptly implement cleaning programs as 22% of reported dengue breeding grounds were schools.

The Minister has also directed his attention to restructuring the law

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