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3 billion USD foreign investments in 2018- Sujeewa

UTV | COLOMBO – State Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe says the country will incur foreign investments worth 3 billion USD in 2018.

Speaking to media in Balapitiya the State Minister said the unity government under the United National Party (UNP) and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) are working towards the betterment of the country including ensuring foreign investments, the law, sovereignty, good governance, democracy and development.

The State Minister added the country has gained 1 billion US dollars highlighting this was only the beginning.

State Minister Senasinghe claimed the government hopes to obtain 3 billion US dollars in foreign investments in the next year.

He also noted when employment opportunities are created and the industrial sector is developed the public will extend their support towards the UNP and the good governance government.

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